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Uhh oh…. you found..

Cumming soon!


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What’s it about?…

Without giving too much away… 🙄 it’s a docu mockumentary all about eating furburgers (aka pussy) within the UK and Jamaica where the term Bocat originates to really get to the bottom of the forbidden fruit.

The proof is in the pudding!

– Nanny Lingus

Journey as we explore the origins, influences and hygiene myths while taking a look into the colourful minds of the people looking at the social influence and taboo among peers, with funny sketches.


Why make it.. what’s the purpose?…

Well…. Why Not!

Does there have to be a moral purpose other than it brings enjoyment and invoking strong emotions?


If you’re expecting a politically correct-styled documentary this is to be avoided at all cost!

It’s definitely raw and as real as it gets with no apologies for a genuine look into the rabbit hole. (no pun intended). 😎

A clip from our sketch “Badman Don’t Eat Pussy” is included in the documentary.

A sense of humour is absolutely needed. 😛 😉

NOT for the easily offended, you have surely been warned! 😳